Book Cover: OUT OF TIME
Part of the O Trilogy series:

Published May 14 - Order now  on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others- the next in the Jim Johnson series of novels and the last installment of the 'O' .Off The Edge, Over The Line and Out Of Time make up RS Perry's exciting yet romantic adventure trilogy the O Trilogy. The secret to the trilogies success is a combination of adventure, mystery and romance combined with scientific accuracy, intriguing plots and characters that you really get to know.  In the final book of the trilogy, Jim recovers from his wounds sustained at the cartel headquarters near Tubutama, Mexico. Heatherhopes he will never go back into action but will stay with her and their new family. Glenda Roseassumes her new position at the Biological Warfare Center. Is Najma still alive? Jim and Heather struggle to understand each other. The exciting conclusion of the O Trilogy. The Twisp and Winthroparea of north central Washington provide a colorful, mountainous setting where Jim and Heathers ranch are located. They frequently go llama packing into the Pasayten Wilderness, one of the largest wilderness areas in the lower US. Jim, Colonel James Johnson is the deputy director of the Biological Warfare Center. The BWC is a secret facility located at Fort Lewis located in the shadows of the Mt Rainier south of Seattle. Jim and his partner are field agents specializing in biological threats. However, their unique skills often place them in demand to other government agencies. Their boss General William Crystal sanctions loaning them as long as they work on their own or with the BWC's special staff. At the heart of the books are the relationships between Jim and Heather, Brush and Glenda and the other myriad and colorful characters. It is tempting to describe them in detail here but that would give too much away.

Reviews:Jenny Lyons wrote:

A real page turner start to finish, Out of Time satisfies on so many levels. Insightful characterizations, a wealth of knowledge about all things scientific and military, and an insiders knowledge of the area around Twisp and Winthrop, combine to make the the story come alive and leap off the page at you. Whilst initially struggling with any violence in the earlier Jim Johnson novels, like Heather, one of the characters in the book, I found myself starting to understand that these ‘not very nice’ characters do exist in the world, and that this necessitates the response of heroes such as Jim, Brush, Will, Glenda et al. Having devoured this book at lightning speed, I am now eagerly awaiting my next adrenalin dose from the Perry’s pen. What will the next episode bring? I can’t wait!