Part of the O Trilogy series:

The second in the 'O' series trilogy. Dr Jim Johnson, Vietnam veteran, astrobiologist with a specialty in microbiology, and government agent with a biological anti-terrorist unit, has always kept his work separate from his life on a llama ranch with his partner Heather. But on his last mission, the psychopath came close to his home territory after attempting to carry out a terrorist attack. Now Najma has joined forces with Amir, the brother of her old boss who was killed by Jim, and , the ambitious, suave and intelligent leader of a Mexican drugs cartel. Amir and Guillermo hatch a computer scam, based in London, to defraud the banks of billions. But Najma is intent on revenge and this time it is personal. In an attack which bears her hallmarks of sex and sadism, she captures Jim’s girlfriend Heather and subjects her and her colleagues to a horrifying ordeal in an attempt to lure Jim over the line into Mexico. Can Jim save Heather and if she survives, will she ever be the same? And can he and his partner Brush and the military smash Guillermo’s drug ring and stop the computer fraud without setting off an international incident? All the newest technical and technological advances in the military are tested and stretched as they come up against Guillermo’s vast wealth and sophisticated equipment in a thrilling and explosive climax. Relationships and views of the world are changed forever. This is the second book in the Jim Johnson series. Although it uses some of the events and characters in the first book, it is exciting and intriguing in its own right with accurate scientific information, intimate knowledge of computers and business and a whole host of technical gizmos and inventions all blended into a fast paced, action packed story.

Reviews:Catherine Fosnot wrote:

Having enjoyed Perry’s first book Over the Edge in his series about the secret missions of Jim Johnson, Assistant Head of the State Department’s Biological Warfare, I looked forward to reading his 2nd Over the Line, knowing it would be good entertainment during the 6 hour train ride ahead of me. I was not disappointed. In his inimitable style, Perry hooked me at once with his prologue (just as he had done with his prologue in Over the Edge) and I read the book in one sitting, unable to put it down. I was unprepared however for the attachment I would develop to his characters. There is depth and feeling in this second book as Perry carefully develops and crafts his characters further. Throughout this book, Perry lets us almost live in the shoes of his characters, to involve us in his soul-searching study of good and bad and what makes people do what they do.

Joan Oliver wrote:

Over The Line had me gripped from page one. I like the variety of characters & the ways they find of dealing with a whole host of difficulties & experiences. It's nice to meet some old friends from Off The Edge & see them change & develop but this book stands on its own. As always with Randall Perry one of the most intriguing aspects of the novel is the way in which very different worlds are woven together in one exciting narrative. The accuracy of information and the attention to detail is impressive. Perry writes about the military, drug cartels, computers, big business and science as if he had been intimately involved in them. He also writes very convincingly about Mexico, London and Arizona.The exploration of ideas and the way personal morality plays itself out in public actions, which was suggested in Off The Edge, is explored more deeply here but never gets in the way of the plot or the action. The story rattles along at a great pace, keeping you on the edge of your seat all the way through as the plot twists and turns and one exciting event after another leaves you unable to stop reading. If you enjoy a novel which has something to say, you will like Over The Line. If you enjoy action, adventure, mystery, new technology, gun battles and the military, you will love it!

Anne Zigmond wrote:

Just finished OTL and to my surprise I really really enjoyed it! There was a tension that held me, an interest in the developed characters, and I really found it engrossing..... even the violent parts. I got the book off Amazon, if I can turn the pages I can get engaged and I certainly did that. Saw an emotional literacy which made me smile.

Dan McCuen wrote:

I just finished ' Over The Line '. I didn't want it to end. All the characters that I feel are now part of my family. I don't want to say goodbye to them. All the locales that you describe so well put the reader right there. And all the different sciences that you intertwine in the plot twists make me want to know so much more. Thanks so much for the great read. I can't wait for number three.

Chrissy Ogilvie wrote:

Over The Line- A pacey page turner thriller with edge of seat action scenes and characters with emotional credibility. Trauma is recognised as taking longer to recover from than a fridge defrost. Knowledge of the colliding worlds of academics, helicopters, soldiering, wildernesses, IT whiz kids and drug barons is credibly used to support the drama while adding interest and suspense. Well plotted threads come together as we see characters introduced in 'Off the Edge' encounter old and new enemies. So what happens next? We readers need to know!