Reader Email

Ken Leate

"Wow, what a ride! Loved the roller coaster from Mexican drug cartels, over the line into Arizona with the military and across the pond in a private jet to posh Chelsea in London with the computer fraudsters. Then you bring them all together in a story of very human characters and their fight to separate good and evil. You’ve done it again, RS Perry"

Ginny McCuen

"Really gripping. With many novels, you have to read a bit to get into them. With yours, the prologue kind of hits the a fish biting on a hook... All the action really sustained my interest. I also liked how the subplots intertwined and came together. Very interesting characters. This has to be a series!"

Gayle Comeau

So Tense.  Really alive characters who you can imagine, and vivid descriptions so you can really visualize the landscape. Wow!! I have just finished Off the Edge. What a story, could hardly bear to read the final chapter.

Anne Zigmond

Just finished OTL and to my surprise I really really enjoyed it!
There was a tension that held me, an interest in the developed characters, and I really found it engrossing, and even the violent parts. I got the book off Amazon and you know me, if I can turn the pages I can get engaged and I certainly did that. Saw an emotional literacy which made me smile.

Albert Klychnak

Loved the second book!!! Is the third completed..?  You got me addicted and I need a fix…"