Katarina Jensen Andersen

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D.O.B. – May 29, 1972.

PLACE OF BIRTH – Kenosha Wisconsin.

HEIGHT – Five feet five inches.

BUILD – Petite shoulders. Wider hips and bottom and sturdy legs.

HAIR COLOR – Scandinavian light ash blond, long hair, naturally straight. Later started having it curled.

EYE COLOR – Pale blue.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Small scar on her upper left lip from having a mole removed.


  • Father – Carl, clothing store manager. Quiet with a strong work ethic.
  • Mother – Alma, managed a small sailing club on the Lake Michigan shoreline.
  • Brother – Dropped out of college. Loved hunting.
  • Grandmother on mother’s side– Alma, part time watercolorist and housewife. Very active in the Unitarian church.
  • Grandfather on mother’s side– Malthe, World War II served as a bombardier. Later trained as an airplane mechanic. Currently works on small plane repairs.

PERSONALITY – Studied psychology, never intending it to be a vocation. Partly wondering about her own personality but mostly just because it was there. Somewhat lacking in self-confidence, shy, soft spoken but underneath with a determined opinion when she thought she was right. Never adventurous. Curious, intelligent, capable, organized, loyal, friendly, and caring. Romantic. Loves reading about romances.

HOBBIES – Cooking.

PETS – Has never had one.

EDUCATION – Brigham Young University. B.S. in psychology. Minor in computer sciences.

OCCUPATION – Computer specialist at the BWC. Asked to profile during the BWC incursion to Tubutama, Mexico. Her keen insight was recognized by Sheilla. Evolved into the official profiler for the Biological Warfare Center.

CAREER – Joined the Airforce during university. Stationed at McChord airbase as a crypto specialist. Received a top-secret clearance with a crypto endorsement. Assigned to BWC as a computer specialist.

MODUS OPERANDI – Cautious, careful thinker and detailed planner.

BOOKS APPEARS IN – Over The Line, Out Of Time, Ecuador, Nemesis, and Remilious.

OTHER INFORMATION – Good cook.  Timid and not overly social. Very attractive with her blond northern European hair. Typical Scandinavian features. Not quite a button nose, pale light skin.

Favorite music – R.E.M., Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and classical flute.

Favorite weapon – Generally repulsed by weapons.

Favorite books – Lord of the Rings.

Favorite Movies – Star Wars.

Favorite Car – Mazda Mx 5 convertible given to her by her father as her college graduation present.

Favorite Plane – Mild fear of flying in small planes.