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Nemesis by RS Perry

This, the fifth in the Jim Johnson adventure novels, finds Jim recovering from wounds inflicted by his nemesis, Najma. Searching deep within himself, Jim attempts to find solace after personal tragedy. It’s Christmas at Wolf Canyon Ranch, but Jim doesn’t plan to stay at the beloved home he has designed and built. Instead, he plans to embark on a quest for retribution against his arch rival. Wounded and wild, Najma continues to elude her pursuers. A cruel and cunning psychopath, she only cares about the final face-off with Jim. An inhuman killer, she remains unconcerned with all the lives she destroys along her savage path. Is Najma a deluded dreamer in love with a fantasy? Or is she simply trying to even the score for her treatment as a child? Is she enamored of Jim, of dominion, or of death?  In what could prove to be his last mission, Jim leads a massive search for the devil lady – La serpiente.

More readers comments and reviews for RS Perry’s Jim Johnson adventure novels. The first in the O Trilogy series of Jim Johnson Novels. The first in the RS Perry’s adventure books.  Click here for Amazon US or Amazon UK or RS Perry’s Amazon author page. Other vendors below. 


RS Perry book cover Ecuador Jim Johnson novels chasing the greatest killer virus of all time in a race to stop the pandemic
A high-stakes chase to stop a Pandemic

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Infectious reading – an insidious plot- who will survive?A lethal virus. An insidious plot …
Addictive adventure – Sequel to the O trilogy…
RS Perry’s Adventure Books
Spine-tingling – Sequel to the O trilogy…
Obsessive characters, shamans, polyglots- O trilogy sequel
Ecuador, the long-awaited sequel to the O Trilogy – high stake battles, political intrigue, mystery, kidnapping, suspense, and romance as old friends and new, chase a lethal virus hatched in an insidious plot. From Rio to the Amazon, Quito to Bogotá, familiar characters, like old shoes, walk us through a kaleidoscope of adventure:  Nusmen, Old Man Shuskin, Sheilla and, of course, Jim, Brush, and Glenda. A team of some of the world’s best hackers and researchers from the secret laboratory in Washington State support multiple hair-raising missions. Colombian rebels with unexpected charm link up to aid Jim’s team. Throughout, Colonel Johnson battles himself and his past. Heather oversees their remote ranch with starlit skies, glass apples, and dangerous predators, while their young son Pedro attempts to fit into a white America. A shock ending lurks along the dark edges of the story.
More readers comments and reviews for the O Trilogy series of RS Perry’s adventure novels. Intrigue, romance, descriptions that put you in the scene with the characters. Available through all vendor outlets (see below). Click here for Amazon US and Amazon UK or RS Perry’s Amazon author pageRead an excerpt

“I liked this book a lot. It is a real page turner; I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and the action is exciting with plenty of unexpected events which sometimes make you gasp. Some of the action stuns you, especially when carried out nonchalantly by evil Najma, but the unusual thing about a book in this genre is that you care what happens to the characters. Jim, Heather, Brush and Glenda and their friends are not stereotypes but people you feel you could meet and get to know. Even Najma is complex and interesting and so is Guillermo and his many employees. The plot is complex but communicated clearly, with three strands woven together. The action moves between Northern USA, London and Mexico and you get a real sense of all these places through the vivid and detailed descriptions. The different worlds of the drug cartels, the military, the scientists and the computer experts are also brought alive and you feel you are in the room with them, observing and listening like a gecko on the wall. Read the book to get the reference! If you like mysteries or adventures or crime or action or romance or just a good yarn, this book is for you. Buy it.”

More readers comments and reviews for the O Trilogy and RS Perry’s adventure books with secret biological agent Jim Johnson. Click here for Amazon US and Amazon UK or  RS Perry’s Amazon author pageRead an excerpt

“Is this the end? Surely not. I have enjoyed reading this trilogy more than I thought I would as it is not my usual genre. However the exciting storyline and intriguing characterization had me hooked and I couldn’t wait to read this last one. Out of Time is just as exciting as the other two but delves more into the relationships and psychology of the characters, which makes it more interesting to me and also more of a puzzle. The ending is complex and not all the ends are tied up, which makes me think…maybe there will be more. I do hope so.
Having said that, I do think that you could read this book with pleasure without having read the other two. It is exciting and informative and tells you a lot about the North West of America, it’s geography and geology, about science, helicopters, ballistics, the US forces and CIA and much more and it is all tied up in a really good, absorbing story. Thoroughly recommended.”

This is a good read, and I recommend it without hesitation. The insight into minds of the characters excites me.

More readers comments and reviews for the O Trilogy series of RS Perry’s adventure books with Jim Johnson Click here for Amazon US and Amazon UK or RS Perry’s Amazon author pageRead sample

“If you enjoy an exciting and gripping adventure story that leaves you wanting more, you will enjoy this first of the tension filled RS Perry’s adventure/mystery books. The complex plot unfolds gradually, then swirls around drawing the characters into the whirlwind faster and faster until it becomes the kind of suspenseful novel that is impossible to put down.”

“Off the Edge is a thoughtful, intelligent book with believable characters from all walks of life. Through a series of flashbacks, the action spans several decades and continents. The book would even appeal to the romantic female reader which is unusual in the thriller genre.”

“The plot, woven through such diverse subjects as science, the outdoors, and international intrigue was gripping, and the character development was outstanding. The characters still live with me.”

More readers comments and reviews for RS Perry’s Jim Johnson adventure novels. The first in the O Trilogy series of Jim Johnson Novels. The first in the RS Perry’s adventure books.  Click here for Amazon US or Amazon UK or RS Perry’s Amazon author page. Other vendors below. Read an excerpt.

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