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RS Perry characters


For all the fans of the Jim Johnson novels, and the colorful RS Perry characters, here is a list of some of the more important characters in the books. They will provide you with a detailed summary of their general traits, likes and dislikes.  Some of the character profiles include many interesting facts that are not included in the series – the O Trilogy or the sequel Ecuador.

 The Unforgettable Cast of Characters – unexpected events, which sometimes make you gasp. Some of the action is violent and cruel, especially when carried out nonchalantly by the sociopath Najma, but the unusual thing about a book in this genre is that you care what happens to the characters: Jim, Heather, Brush and Glenda, Nusmen, Glenda and their friends are not stereotypes but people you feel you could meet and get to know. Even the evil Najma is complex and interesting. There are times when the forests and mountains of the Pasayten Wilderness, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico, the streets of Seattle and the Space Needle, rooms and haciendas, and Wolf Canyon Ranch make you feel so alive, you feel as though you are there with them, observing and listening like a gecko on a wall. Read the book Over The Line or the excerpt to get the reference! If you like mysteries or adventures or crime or action or romance filled with characters who become friends that you will never forget, start with Off The Edge, the first in the series.

A work in progress. Check in about once a month and see who has been added to RS Perry characters. See if the things you imagined by reading the books are the same as you thought. What do you think Brush’s favorite movie is, or Najma’s favorite book?


The Characters

Heather Asplund

James Johnson

Glenda Rose Stuart

Brush McGuire

General William Crystal

Bertrand S. Gupta

Sheilla McCarrick

Martin Pearson

Jasper Neilly

William Nusmen

Dr. Maria Dakine

Old Man Shuskin



Misa Volkov

Vidya Chaudhary

Barbara  Milton

Katarina Jensen Andersen

Najma Hussein

Guillermo Vasquez


Abenaa Bissong

Marcel Moriac