Marcel Moriac

Marcel Moriac

Moriac is a conflation of the French word for death, mort, and the word maniac.

Nickname – Ronno

D.O.B. – August 13, 1956.

PLACE OF BIRTH – Nimes, France.

HEIGHT – Five feet eleven inches.

BUILD – Stocky, muscular, wide face, close-set eyes, and broad forehead.

HAIR COLOR – Dark brown, short with touches of gray around the edges.

EYE COLOR – Dark brown.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Rarely without a three-day old dark stubble beard.

FAMILY – French father, Paul Moriac, which he knew in name only, rasied by his French mother Monique.

PERSONALITY – Serious, brutal, single-minded, patient, without fear, focused, efficient.


PETS – None.

EDUCATION – Le lycée (High School).

OCCUPATION – Retired Special Forces French Dragoons.

CAREER – 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes, know informally as the Dragoons. Mountain training, Special Forces reconnaissance.

MODUS OPERANDI – Purposeful, cautious, loner who can work with a team if they have his respect, which few had other than Sergeant Dion Côté who had recruited him to the legion.


OTHER INFORMATION – Brian his dedicated trusting Dragoon buddy had named him Ronno from a Bambi character.

Favorite animal – None.

Favorite music – Leo Marjane.

Favorite weapon   Hands, knife, Famas F-1 bullpup assault rifle.