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Education and Psychology of Learning and  Space Science Education

Art and painting  Vanda Project

RS Perry paintings in Vanda project 6th edition “Flux” Pages 231-240.


Charities and books about the Space Design Competition edited by Perry and Greenwood


RS Perry frankly finds the world and everything in it interesting. He especially likes the the wonderful and sometime somewhat eclectic collection of people in academia. He admires the efficiency of military personal and likes very much what happens in training. People from all walks of life and backgrounds suddenly wear the same uniform, with the same hair and all doing the same thing. All individuality is removed. What remains are the individual personalities. Judging who your friends will be is not based on how they dress or what car they drive but just who they are. Then there is the natural environment. A kaleidescope of forms, colors and creatures spanning deserts to mountains to seas. We have not yet explored planets but imagine looking at Olympus Mons on Mars taller than any feature on Earth.  We are still a young culture hoping to survive and relatively short industrial age.  We have only touched the surface about how our minds work. Medical cures and methods are in their infancy. Science has yet to answer basic question of how the quantum world of the small and the macro world can be described in a unified theory. Cultures vary widely as do mythologies. There are likely other worlds in the universe and perhaps billions of universes. It will be an exiting time for younger generations, those perhaps involved in designing space colonies with the Space Design Competition who may be able to explore our solar system and perhaps beyond.