RS Perry founded a charity Space Science and Engineering (SSEF) in the United Kingdom to foster and encourage an interest in Science and Engineering amongst school students. The SSEF sponsors the United Kingdom Space Settlement Design Competition and the Galactic Challenge for 10 to 18 year old students. It rewards the skills of presentation, team work and leadership and requires consideration of the elements of design, human and physical resource management, ecology and the environment, technology and ICT etc.  WATCH VIDEO  The designs presented to judges are the students own work. Perhaps that is why they become so enthusiastic often refusing to sleep and working through the night. Students compete in regional competitions at several locations in the England, Scotland and Wales. The national finals are held at Imperial College London with approximately 200 students competing.  Twelve UK students then go on to the International Space Design Competition held at Johnson Space Center in Houston or Kennedy Space Center, Florida. They are  teamed with students from around the world and many make life long friends with like minded international students. Contributions help students learn and achieve their dreams.

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