Dr Randall Perry has a long and varied interest in Science, mostly in the fields of Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Earth  and Planetary Sciences.  He received his degrees from the University of Washington. He has done research at Oldenburg University, Scripts, and at White Mountain Research Center. He is emeritus research investigator at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson Arizona. He held a National Science Foundation Fellowship to Oxford University and a Royal Society Fellowship to Imperial College London where he remains on academic staff in the Earth Science and Engineering Department. Following are  selected  papers on subjects of specific interest: Education:  Fosnot and Perry  “Constructivism: A Psychological Theory of Learning” Linguistics: Oliver and Perry  “Definitely Life but not Definitively” Research: Randall S Perry home page for science with a full list of publications and abstracts. Selected articles on  Ancient Mars surface, Minerals containing fossilized organic compounds, Amino acids in the universe,  Meteorites, Mass Extinctions and  Black Opal and a popular science article on Desert Varnish.