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Ken Leate

“Wow, what a ride! Loved the roller coaster from Mexican drug cartels, over the line into Arizona with the military and across the pond in a private jet to posh Chelsea in London with the computer fraudsters. Then you bring them all together in a story of very human characters and their fight to separate good and evil. You’ve done it again, RS Perry

Ginny McCuen

“Really gripping. With many novels, you have to read a bit to get into them. With yours, the prologue kind of hits the reader…like a fish biting on a hook… All the action really sustained my interest. I also liked how the subplots intertwined and came together. Very interesting characters. This has to be a series!

Gayle Comeau

So Tense.  Really alive characters who you can imagine, and vivid descriptions so you can really visualize the landscape. Wow!! I have just finished Off the Edge. What a story, could hardly bear to read the final chapter.

Anne Zigmond

Just finished OTL and to my surprise I really really enjoyed it.

Albert Klychnak

Loved the second book!!! Is the third completed..?  You got me addicted and I need a fix…”

Jutta Krause

Ah, “Off the Edge”. I simply loved it!!!! I am not normally a voracious reader, but can honestly say that your book – the entire story – captivated me tremendously. And while reading it, I could envisage it to become a fascinating movie (before I learned that that may be the case). Is there really going to be a sequel to it??? What I mean is, you kept the sadistic N. alive, and it would be interesting to see “what she is up to next”???? Furthermore, I enjoyed the environment (mostly Washington) it took place in as I could well relate to from personal earlier experiences!

Vidyasagar Ananthan

Caltech California-One of my childhood fantasies was to star in a sci-fi techno-thriller novel. Finally a reality thanks to Dr (Character ‘Vidya’, no allusions there…).

Jennifer Lyons

RS Perry’s best novel to date, combining an intense mystery, action and romance. The characters that I loved in Off the Edge and over the Line become indelibly etched in my mind forever.

Anita Gale

My initial interest in Off the Edge was the locations in Washington State where most of the action happens–places in the North Cascades and Seattle area that I know and love, and that were accurately described as part of the plot.
After reading Off the Edge, I was eager to see what Perry’s cast of characters would do in Over the Line. The action got intense right from the start, with more new and unique characters interacting with the familiar heroes and villains.  Perry’s scientists behave like scientists (including following a science-inspired impulse to travel where normally cautious people wouldn’t go), and he describes military operations as if he has personal experience with weapons, hardware, and tactics.  The end of each chapter was only an artificial division, with action flowing into the next chapter.  Do not start reading this book unless you plan to read it all the way through in one sitting!