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Abenaa Bissong

Abenaa Bissong

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D.O.B. – Tuesday – October 22, 1974

PLACE OF BIRTH – Warri Nigeria

HEIGHT – Five feet eight inches.

BUILD – Muscular Athletic


HAIR – Short and curly.


SKIN COLOR – Dark complexioned.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Tattoo Dolphin 1 inch above left breast. Large scar tissue on right leg calf following skin graft after a burn from incendiary device.


Mother – Mayowa Danjuma Igbo – very religious Christian. An Igbo woman from south-central Nigeria.

Father ─ Ishaya Bissong Oil manager born in America. American citizen from Nigerian immigrants originally from NE Nigeria, known as Kanuris.

Sister ─ Ebuka Bissong

Brother ─ Jimi Bissong, Luther Bissong, Chindindu Bissong

Partner ─ None

BIRTH WEIGHT ─ Six pounds one ounce.

HABITS ─ Bites her fingernails.

PERSONALITY – Straight, honest, tough, confident and skilled and can hold her own without needing to prove herself with anyone.

HOBBIES – Likes marine activities, sailing, surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling water skiing. Physical fitness with both Pilates and dead weights. Runs when possible either on the flat, hills or steps if nothing else is available.

PETS – None. Likes primates and dolphins. Interested in cetacean communication.

EDUCATION ─ University of Miami. B.S. E.E. Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Minor  Romance languages. Masters Romance languages. Started Ph.D. program and dropped out when she joined the army.

OCCUPATION – Recruited at University of Miami by Special Forces. Electronics and bomb making, booby traps, Romance languages and local Warri dialect. Best language Spanish, French, Warri.

CAREER – Spent two summers working at Sea World with dolphins. Joined ROTC but did not finish at University of Miami. Dropped Ph.D. program for Special Forces. Challenged to go jump school at Benning and was recruited there by SF for possible future deployment to SAD.

MODUS OPERANDI – Stable, methodical, unperturbable. Linear thinker.

BOOKS APPEARS IN –Ecuador, Out Of Luck


Favorite music – Wynton Marsalis, Lena Horne, Edit Piaf, Dire Straights, Liane Foley.

Favorite weapon – Glock 19 abd Berretta M9, MP7, C4.

Favorite book – The Mind of the Dolphin: A Nonhuman Intelligence, Lilly on Dolphins, Man and Dolphin, The Third Chimpanzee, Gorillas in the Mist, The Naked Ape, Next of Kin, Naturalist by E. O. Wilson, In the Shadow of Man, Communicating with Orcas, Wild Minds-What Animals Really Think, Kant and the Platypus – Essays on Language and Cognition – Umberto Ecco, The language Instinct.

Favorite Movies – Dr. Dolittle, Koko – A Talking Gorilla, Some Like it Hot, To Kill a Mockingbird, Apocalypse Now.

Favorite Car – 1958 Corvette