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Brush Mcguire

Brush Mcguire

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D.O.B. – October 2,  1955.

PLACE OF BIRTH – Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada.

HEIGHT – Five feet nine inches.

BUILD – Stocky, muscular, good looking.

HAIR COLOR – Brown, short.

EYE COLOR – Brown.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Rope burn on right forearm.

FAMILY – American father, Mike Landowska, Canadian mother, Jeanie Clint.

PERSONALITY – Laid back, droll, lover of women, loyal, protective, lives for the moment. Street smart but sensitive.

HOBBIES – Flying; commercial, instrument rated, twin, rotorcraft. Women.

PETS – None.

EDUCATION – Bachelor of Science, McGill University, Toronto, Ontario. Majored in Mechanical Engineering.

OCCUPATION – Field Agent.

CAREER – Called up in the draft because of American father. Infantry training, Fort Gordon, Georgia. Jump school, Fort Benning, Georgia. Special Forces training, light weapons expert, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Army language school (French). Sent to Vietnam as an advisor with his A-team. Battle field commission from sergeant to lieutenant. Met Jim Johnson on Long Range Reconnaissance patrol (LURP) in Cambodia. Recruited by Jim to CIA, 1972.  In charge of field operations for General Crystal’s Biological Warfare Center. Partner, Colonel Johnson.

MODUS OPERANDI – Instinctive, makes all tasks look easy, prepared to try anything and take risks. Protects Jim. Has the special touch, not getting wounded.

BOOKS APPEARS IN – Off the Edge. Over the Line, Out of Time.

OTHER INFORMATION – Remained partners with Jim since Vietnam. They have an uncanny connection and often know what each other is thinking without the need for words.

Favorite animal – Two legged females.

Favorite music – Jefferson Airplane, Doors, Rolling Stones.

Favorite weapon   H&K MP5 SD.