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Dr. Maria E. Dakine

Dr. Maria E. Dakine

Maria E. Dakine

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D.O.B. – June 12, 1968

PLACE OF BIRTH – Los Angeles

HEIGHT – Five feet four inches.

BUILD – Short legs, sturdy, comely, winsome. Interesting face shape. Narrow chin but her longer face is not heart shaped. A rare face shape sometimes described as a diamond shape face.

HAIR COLOR – Tousled blond-highlighted medium brown hair.

HAIR – Medium long, naturally wavy.

EYE COLOR – Light Brown with hints of gold flecks.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Scoliosis scar L2 to T6 15 inches long


Father – Dr. Harry Dakine a hyper velocity reacher at Jet Propulsion Laboratories and sometimes lecturer at Caltech.

Mother – Helen Dakine

Sister – Meredith Dakine, Sally Dakine.

Brother – Bruce Dakine

PERSONALITY – Confident, moves fast. Very loyal. Likes people. Friends mainly from school days and residency. While she wants to trust people there is a skeptical part of her personality that prevents her from deeply embracing friends. Heather Asplund is the exception. They were truly close. Her work is important to her and has placed it ahead of her personal life. She has had few relationships, mainly in her school days.

HOBBIES – Sailing, hiking, bicycling, swimming.

PETS – None.

EDUCATION – Reed College, Portland, B.S., USC Medical School M.D. specializing in Emergency Medicine, Allergy and Immunology.

OCCUPATION – Medical doctor. In charge of BWC HazMat teams.

CAREER – Residency in in Juárez Mexico. Los Angeles county hazardous materials. One year at London’ School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she met General Crystal at a conference. Later recruited to the BWC and eventually head of the BWC Hazardous material and medical response team.

MODUS OPERANDI – Dedicated, competent, diligent, concerned. Wants to know answers to any unknown mystery.

BOOKS APPEARS IN – Off The Edge, Over The Line, Out Of Time, Ecuador, Nemesis, and Remilious.


Favorite llama – Limited exposure but Pipestone after her experiences in Horseshoe Basin with Heather.

Favorite music – Eclectic mix of folk, world music, blues, light rock, melody.

Favorite weapon – None!

Favorite books – Spend her leisure time, which is little reading a wide variety of books from novels to popular science.  The Coming Plague, the Hot Zone, Paul Ehrlich’s Human Natures, Fritjof Capra – The Turning Point. Reads medical journals especially the Lancet.

Favorite Movies – Life in the Time of the Butterflies, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Stand By Me, Big, Amores Perros, Like Water for Chocolate, Men With Guns, Good Will Hunting, and Amelie (Misa obtained academy award prerelease in fall 1999 as a present),.

Favorite Boat – Fisher 37’ sailboat

Favorite Car – Dark green Land Cruiser Discovery soft top inherited from her father.

Favorite Plane – Planes that land safely.