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Glenda Stuart

Glenda Stuart

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D.O.B. – February 2, 1963

PLACE OF BIRTH – Mystic, Connecticut.

HEIGHT – Five feet five inches.

BUILD – Curvy. Shapely hips and bottom and full breasts.

HAIR COLOR – Ginger-blonde top of shoulder length.

EYE COLOR – Golden brown.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Three red raised bullet scars on her abdomen.

FAMILY – Owned a small convenience store on the west side of the Mystic River.

Mother – Eva Gertrude Stuart

Father ─ Herbert Gerald Stuart

Sister ─ Megan E. Stuart

Partner ─ Brush McGuire

BIRTH WEIGHT ─ Seven pounds four ounces.

HABITS ─ Drinks socially, doesn’t do drugs and smoked socially as a student.

PERSONALITY – Assertive, strong willed and tough. Competitive. Prides herself on determination and integrity. Composed and not easily ruffled. Prides herself on a high pain tolerance.

HOBBIES –Her career is her main hobby.  Some sports such as skiing occasionally.

PETS – None but likes animals, turtles and insects.

EDUCATION ─ University of Miami. Political Science major followed by a law degree. J.D. and M.Acc.

OCCUPATION – Trained at Quantico and became an  FBI agent. She mainly was used for short duration undercover assignments. Her supervisor’s theory that a red head with double-d breasts was so conspicuous that no one would assume she was an undercover agent. Recruited by General Crystal as a field agent for the Biological Warfare Center.

CAREER – Near the head of her class in law school and during FBI training. Not promoted where she should have been. Recognized that no matter how good a woman is; men will promote men over women. After being shot and losing one kidney she expected the FBI to assign her a desk job pulling her from the field. The general gave her a chance to not only stay closer to Brush but to use her skills.

MODUS OPERANDI – Know that you are equal to everyone. Strength, fairness, determination, tolerance, persistence coupled with street smarts.  She trusts capable people and doesn’t like superficial attitudes, fashion, makeup or uncomfortable shoes. Resents men that only look at her voluptuous figure and not her abilities.

BOOKS APPEARS IN – Principal character in RS Perry adventure books  Off The Edge, Over The Line, Out Of Time, Ecuador, Nemesis, Remilious.


Favorite music – Katie Melua, Nora Jones and blues.

Favorite weapon – Still searching.

Favorite book – Not much time for reading other than professional law articles. Sexual Personae, Jodi Picoult books.

Favorite Movies – Not much time for movies. Mystic River, Wings of Desire, Legally Blonde, Casablanca.

Favorite Car – Cars that start.