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Guillermo Vasquez

Guillermo Vasquez

Guillermo Vasquez Character

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D.O.B. – August 11, 1950.

PLACE OF BIRTH – El Chilillo, Mexico.

HEIGHT – Six feet two inches.

BUILD – Slender, elegant, long legs.


EYE COLOR – Dark brown.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Light olive skin, slightly hooked nose, aristocratic demeanor.

FAMILY – Sister – raped and murdered by a policeman. Guillermo killed him in revenge.

Wife – Elisabeth, British minor aristocracy, deceased.

Daughter – Mary, much loved but who he keeps on a tight rein and through whose marriage, hopefully to European nobility, he expects to rise in society.

PERSONALITY OF GUILLERMO VASQUEZ – Sociopath, motivated by money and power. Cagey, dangerous, ambitious and determined. Suave, intelligent, vindictive and ruthless. Sophisticated; loves good food, wine, culture. Ambition to be extremely powerful and rich and accepted as an equal in the highest circles of Western society. Cold and analytical.

HOBBIES – Tennis, money, investing, art collecting, fine dining.

EDUCATION – Poor local school till his skill at tennis is noticed by a pro coach. Sent to a private school at age 13, sponsored by the father of one of his friends from the tennis club. Sports scholarship to UCLA but part way through his degree, left to avenge his sister’s death.

OCCUPATION – Leader of Siastra, the largest and most powerful drug cartel in Mexico.

CAREER – After killing the policeman, he was sent to Siastra cartel, a Tijuana drug cartel for protection. Because of his education, intelligence and understanding of men, he rose through the ranks to become leader.

MODUS OPERANDI – Respect through fear. Knowledge is power so ensure you have the best technology to gain that knowledge. Recognized the importance of computers early on and exploits them to his advantage. People are there to be used. Trust no-one. Employ the best but know that everyone is expendable. Have no hesitation in getting rid of those who are no longer useful. Ensure you have contacts in places of power, governments and large businesses. No matter what the set-backs, never give up. Learn from your mistakes.


OTHER INFORMATION – Lives and has his headquarters in a hacienda outside Tubutama, Mexico.

Nickname – El Padrone, The Godfather

Favorite drinks – In private, Mojito, in public Macallan single malt scotch whiskey.  Wine – Chateauneuf–du-Pape

Favorite music – Opera

Favorite weapon – Intelligence, money, uses other people as his weapons

Favorite books – Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories

Favorite philosopher – Nietzsche