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Misa Volkov

Misa Volkov

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Nickname – Mike (does not like to be called by her nickname). She had thought of changing her name to Mischa to avoid kidding about her male name translated as Michael.

D.O.B. – January 30, 1963

PLACE OF BIRTH – Reading, England.

HEIGHT – Five feet five inches.

BUILD – Medium-slim.

HAIR COLOR – Dark blond bobbed hair but when longer pulls hair straight bak into a French Knot.


DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Reasonably attractive with striking with high cheekbones. Button nose.

FAMILY – Mother was born in Oxfordshire where she met Alexi when he attended Oxford University adult classes. Her mother a teacher from Devon. Anna was prevented from going to Oxford by her father. She would have excelled in academia with her very high intelligence.

Mother – Anna Volkov. Formerly Anna Tate born in the United Kingdom and married Alexi when he immigrated from Russia near the end of World War II.

Father ─ Alexi Volkov translated as Wolf. Her father was very proud of the Wolf connotation and liked it that Misha is also used as a Mishka meaning bear. Her father wanted a son and living in England thought no one would care about the male name for his daughter. He was a fighter pilot in the war who was shot down in Poland and interned there.

Sister ─ Susan Volkov. One year younger and Anna refused to let the father give her a Russian name.

Partner ─ Vidya was just a good computer friends until his girlfriend Kristina was killed in Mexico. She and Vidya both through mutual computer interest, past friendship and the horrible experiences they endured at the hands of the cartel developed into a mutual attraction and later becoming partners.

BIRTH WEIGHT ─ 5 pounds 3 ounces, premature.

HABITS ─  Quick talking. A linear thinker that expresses itself as methodical. Sometimes nearly stutters at the beginning of sentences.

PERSONALITY – Gay, serious, articulate and humorous with those she knows well but does not always communicate well with people she doesn’t know. Does not like the outdoors. Dresses in quirky clothes. Loved Zandra Rhodes as a teenager. Now designs clothes with a hint of space and aliens and wears her designs. Likes colorful cloths. Loyal to her friends. Loyal to Vidya and their relationship.

HOBBIES – Anything computers. White hat hacking, computer programs. Loves fashion and designs clothes. As a teenager and in her twenties attended  Star Trek and Star Wars  parties.

PETS – None.

EDUCATION ─ PhD Oxford University, computer engineering.

OCCUPATION – Currently working with a specialized Army computing group. She stared programing with flip lever PDP computers and is a well respected computer programer specializing in security.

CAREER – Computing research projects at Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College London.

MODUS OPERANDI – Quick but steady. Methodical. Focused. Good with details.

BOOKS APPEARS OR IS MENTIONED IN – RS Perry adventure books – Off The Edge, Over The Line, Out Of Time, and Ecuador.

OTHER INFORMATION – Artsy. A good designer with an eye for fashion, color and decorating.

Favorite music – As a teenager, U2, Pogues, Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Now prefers classical especially Mozart and chamber music.

Favorite weapon – Abhors guns.

Favorite book – Romance novels.

Favorite Movies – The Net, The Lawnmover Man, Out of Africa, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. Legally Blond.

Favorite Car – Goes only in public transportation, of which there is little in the US compared to her English homeland.