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Najma Hussein

Najma Hussein

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D.O.B.- Nov 15th 1959

PLACE OF BIRTH – Tashish, Iraq

HEIGHT – 5′  4”

BUILD – Shapely with well-molded, ample breasts and caramel skin, moves like a cat

HAIR COLOR – Medium length, dark brown hair.

EYE COLOR – Cold, flat, black eyes. Has a magnetic stare which can immobilize people.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – A red-raised birthmark behind her right ear, 5cm across shaped like a starfish or gecko hand..

FAMILY – Father Iraqi. Illiterate but wily. Leather worker but mostly involved in petty crime, drugs and arms smuggling. Mother Turkish, died when Najma 13, beaten to death by Najma’s father. Najma also molested and beaten  by father. No siblings. Father taught her to hunt. Learned to kill domestic stock with a knife. Her father gave her to one of his fellow smugglers who taught her to shoot. Smuggler raped and abused her. She killed the man with a knife after first torturing him. Considers Pedro her son. Her feelings for him are those of  possession and manipulation rather than affection, with a tinge of perverse sexuality.

PERSONALITY – Psychopath. Feels no emotions for anyone else but preoccupied by herself. An egotist who never pretends to be other than what she is. Trusts and depends on no-one but herself. Has a complete disregard for human life and sees others as pawns or puppets to be used for her own ends. Proud, ruthless, callous, remorseless, sadistic, motivated by power over other people and life and death. She enjoys and seeks out the power of sex and violence and their primal connection. Has no ambition other than to assuage these instincts. Bisexual. Can control and ignore her own physical pain.

HOBBIES – Killing.

PETS – Definitely not.

EDUCATION – Very little formal education. Learns by doing and observing. She is literate and has a great deal of native intelligence.

OCCUPATION – Mercenary and assassin.

CAREER – Worked for Farasie as a mercenary for several years from when she was a teenager. Then worked for Guillermo Vasquez and the Siastra drug cartel as an enforcer.

MODUS OPERANDI – Each man for himself. Self – preservation above all. Like a big cat, stalks her prey, observes it carefully, senses its weakness then chooses her moment without hurry. Greatly enjoys killing; kills slowly, causing as much pain as she can, teasing her victims with hope, humiliating and torturing them. Gets erotic pleasure from killing. A killer of exceptional brutality for whom the mental anguish of her victims is as important as their slow physical torture. Kills for the power it gives her. Wants to see into the minds of her victims and watch the struggle between their hope and pain. Enjoys watching others’ brutality and often encourages or orders others to rape and murder. Does not like to be bested and enjoys pitting herself against a capable opponent. Focused, professional, resourceful, skillful; a survivor and a contrarian.

BOOKS APPEARS IN – Off The Edge; Over The Line; Out of Time


Favorite writer – Friedrich Nietzsche

Favorite music – Rarely listens. Some opera, especially Wagner. Turkish folk music. – Eylem Atmaca. Nana Mouskouri

Favorite weapon – Specially adapted micro-Uzi machine pistol. A small, light-weight silenced Ruger 10-22, 22-caliber rotary clip carbine.  The whole encased in bulbous, custom-molded plastic polymer from breech to silencer.

Also uses Russian KPB assault carbine, Glock, silenced MP-5 SD and her small, double-sided knife.