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Old Man Shuskin

Old Man Shuskin

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NICKNAME ─ Old Man Shuskin, Phantom of the woods, Old man of the mountains and the Phantom of the Pasayten.

D.O.B. ─ December 1925, exact date unknown.

PLACE OF BIRTH – St Louis, Missouri.

HEIGHT – Five feet six inches.

BUILD – Scrawny, slightly hunched over, 137 lbs.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS ─ Shrapnel wound on right hip.

HAIR COLOR – Gray-brown.

EYE COLOR – Brown.


FAMILY ─ Mother and Father killed on train when he was twelve.

PARTNER – None. Married in 1943. His wife Beatrice left him while he was away in the Pacific in World War II. He never saw her again and never divorced.

FRIENDS ─ None. He likes Heather because she was kind to animals and calls her the Llama Lady.

PERSONALITY- Reclusive, afraid of most people, distrusts most people, talks to himself, observes people from hidden positions, most say spies on them. Dislikes civilization. Prefers anywhere away from people. Curmudgeon like traits and fear of most people. He wanted in his youth to make something of himself and read self-help books.

HOBBIES – Hiking, plants, chemistry.

PETS – None. Likes animals better than people.

EDUCATION – Dropped out of high school in the 6th grade.

OCCUPATION – Worked in grocery stores. Moved west during the depression. He joined the Navy at nineteen and went first to Hawaii and then the Pacific. Worked on shipping docs in San Diego, California and then moved to Seattle. Worked on shipping docks. Union thugs beat him up. No pension and eventually drifted from cheap city places to his car. He lived in his car for nearly a year and a half, parking in mountain trail heads. When his car quit, he abandoned it at Thirty Mile trail head north of Winthrop, Washington. Walked into the Pasayten Wilderness living in the mountains in the spring, summer, and fall. Forced into the city in winter, he stays in a Seattle Mission in Pioneer Square.

MILITARY SERVICE ─ Served for three years during World War II. First worked at Naval shipyards in Hawaii and then in Australia and later Guam where he was wounded by shrapnel.

CAREER – Shipyard dock worker, vagrant.


BOOKS APPEARS OR IS MENTIONED IN – RS Perry adventure books – Off The Edge, Out Of Time, and Ecuador.


Favorite Books – Long ago Norman Vincent Peal, think and Grow Rich.

Favorite llama – Pipestone, Heather’s favorite llama.

Favorite music – Dislikes gospel music and hymns because of forced attendance at the mission in Seattle.