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Sheilla MacCarrick

Sheilla MacCarrick

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D.O.B. ─ September 6, 1969.

PLACE OF BIRTH ─ New Haven, Connecticut.

HEIGHT – Five feet four inches.

BUILD ─ Slender shoulders, petite, 120 lbs.

HAIR COLOR – Dark long mid-back auburn hair sometimes worn in a single braid.

EYE COLOR – Blue-green. Almost blue, with yellow flecks around irises making them look green in most light.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS – Pale skin. Pierced ears. Small pale brown birth mark on her left shoulder.

FAMILY – Partner – None.

Children ─ Likes children but has not given much thought to having a family. Mother – Ona G. Maccarrick, maiden name Rafferty.

Grandmother (maternal) Mary Teagan. Father – Coilin Maccarrick.  Worked as an auto mechanic.

PERSONALITY – Bashful and shy away from her work. At work outgoing with her colleagues, quizzical, serious, persistent, dedicated, problem solver. Well liked. Not sporty. Often distracted in thought. Little experience with men. Blushes when embarrassed. Likes good coffee. Contemplative but also a fast talker at times. Bites upper lip while thinking. An inside person. Did well in school but not social except with a select small group of girls.

HOBBIES – Computers, surfing the net, seeking information, dedicated worker and not much time for hobbies or men. Likes Scrabble and Chess but does not have people to play with. She has not played much Chess but likes it when she has. Played Scrabble often through college. Now, occasionally likes doing cross-word puzzles.

PETS – None but likes cats.

EDUCATION – Stoneville College, Massachusetts. Major in International Relations and minor in Criminology. Belonged to Sigma Lota Rho honorary society.

OCCUPATION/CAREER – Started career as an analyst for the FBI Washington .D.C. and moved to the Seattle FBI office after three years. Recruited by General Crystal after seeing her make better decisions than the senior FBI supervisors during the terrorist attack in Seattle. Currently head of analysis at the Biological Warfare Center, Fort Lewis, Washington. Previously not liked by male bosses as she was quicker, smarter and they resented it.

MODUS OPERANDI – Will not let problems go until solved. Twirls in her chair as her personal mantra. Supervises easily by making good decisions. Evaluates problems and anticipates what needs doing. Always seemed to be a step ahead, Good instincts. Good with technology.
BOOKS APPEARS OR IS MENTIONED IN ─ Off The Edge, Over The Line, Out Of Time, Ecuador.


Her Views – No political views. Pragmatist, Brought up as a Methodist but gives no thought to religion other than Buddhist thinking and meditation as she wonders if it will help her focus on problem solving.

Favorite Books – Likes specific authors and reads and re-reads certain books, especially mystery writers: P.D. James, John LeCarre, Michael Connelly, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Dick Francis, Wilke Collins, Dan Brown, Robert Erskine Childer’s Riddle of the Sands.

Favorite Artists ─ Mark Rothko, John Millais’s Ophellia, Lucien Freud.

Favorite Movies – Watches, when she has time old TV Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes, North By Northwest, Rear Window, Chinatown, Strangers on a Train, Fargo, Three Colors, and occasionally James Bond movies.