RS Perry with Tibetan guides near Everest North Basecamp Tibet

RS Perry Art, Paintings, and Wall Constructions

RS Perry art and novels are composed of matter and ideas. Both in a constant state of flux moving from one form to another, often colliding, fleeing and returning to join the whole that is creation. Artists’ and writers’ minds generate a never-ending kaleidoscope of new images. Ideas shifting and combining and attracting and repelling. Even the molecules of paint themselves refuse to stand still. Pigments ceaselessly move through media. Electrons are gained and lost from the structure. The work itself is altered. To our eye paintings appear as still and permanent as the sun, but inside they are all in a constant state of change. Creating art and books brings joy. He has produced several art works, mostly painting and wall constructions.  (Excerpt by RS Perry from the Vanda Project).  RS Perry art recently shown in  Vanda art pages. 231-240. Vanda project  6th edition “Flux”. The full Vanda Project edition.



     Black Spaghetti painting