Dr RS Perry is an adventure fiction writer member of the Writers Guild of America West in Los Angeles and a movie producer. He has written six novels under RS Perry, Off The Edge, Over the Line, Out of Time Ecuador, Nemesis, and Remilious. He is currently working on a screen adaptation and a documentary film as a director of Athene Films, based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of numerous publications on subjects ranging from science and linguistics to art, education and learning. He enjoys art and painting. He had twenty years of business experience as a company director and president before returning to finish a doctorate in Astrobiology at the University of Washington in 2004. Dr Perry held a fellowship for two years at Oxford University followed by a Royal Society fellowship at Imperial College London, which specialises in Science, Technology and Medicine. He is an honorary chair and founder of the Space Science Engineering Environmental Foundation (SSEF), an educational charity set up to support the UK Space Settlement Design Competition, Europe Space Design Competition, and the Africa Space Design Competition. Dr. Perry is the founder and director of the Global Space Design Challenge. He has won numerous awards and was short listed for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. Besides being interested in creative, scientific and business projects, Dr Perry is also an adventurer and explorer of mountains and oceans. He has crossed the Atlantic by sailboat, dived to the bottom of the ocean in the deep submersible Alvin, is an experienced high mountain climber and holds fixed wing multi-engine with instrument rating and a helicopter pilot’s license. He has had a passion for British Sports cars starting with his first car an MG TD. He currently lives in NYC but enjoys the mountains of Vancouver and the blue skies of Malta.

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